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The Heart and Battlefield of Checkers

It is on the checkerboard that players make their decisions, moving their pieces and developing their strategies. This is where the competition heats up, and tactical skills are put to the test. The checkerboard serves as the focal point of the game, providing the perfect canvas for creating unforgettable showdowns. Through its square grid of 10 vertical columns and 10 horizontal rows (international checkers), players discover the possibilities and challenges that come with playing 10×10 checkers. In this article, we will take a closer look at the checkerboard to better understand its role in honing strategic skills and delivering unforgettable excitement to players.

I. Checkerboard

warcaby warcabnica
The board used for playing 10×10 checkers is called a checkerboard. It’s often heard that checkers is played on a chessboard, but only 64-square checkers shares the game field with chess.
warcaby warcabnica zasady gry
The checkerboard is a square consisting of 10 vertical columns (illustrated in green) and 10 horizontal rows (illustrated in yellow), creating a total of 100 squares at their intersections. The squares alternate between light and dark colors, forming the characteristic grid.
warcaby warcabnica zasady gry
To set up the checkerboard correctly, the lower-left corner for each player should be a dark-colored square. This is crucial. Incorrectly setting up the checkerboard would create an entirely different game from international checkers!

II. Field Numbering

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The dark squares of the checkerboard are numbered sequentially from 1 to 50.

Square with the number 1 is located in the first row, next to the corner with a light square. The adjacent dark square in this row is number 2. The following squares in this line are numbers 3, 4, and 5. The last one is situated in the dark corner of the board. One of the players will have it on their lower-left side.

The numbering of the next row begins at the beginning of the line, as if you were pressing the ENTER key. So, square 6 is adjacent to square 1 at the corner. The following squares are 7, 8, 9, 10, and so on, up to the last one, which is 50. The square with the lowest and highest numbers are symmetrically positioned, right next to the light corner of the checkerboard.

The numbering of the checkerboard forms patterns that are worth memorizing:

  • In the vertical columns, the squares share the same unit digit and differ only in the tens place. For example, in one vertical row, you’ll find squares with numbers 3, 13, 23, 33, and 43. They increase by 10 each.
  • The squares located on one side of the checkerboard are 6, 16, 26, 36, and 46, while on the other side, they are 5, 15, 25, 35, and 45. Squares with a unit digit of 5 or 6 are located on the edge of the board.
  • The dark corners are squares numbered 5 and 46.

III.Checkerboard Diagonals

warcaby warcabnica zasady gry
The checkerboard is unique because it has more than two diagonals. A diagonal of the checkerboard refers to a set of squares that lie in a straight line diagonally. The border of the diagonals is defined by the edge of the checkerboard. When describing a diagonal, we specify its two endpoints. Several example diagonals are marked on the diagram: Diagonal 46-5 (red, 10 squares in length). Diagonal 49-16 (yellow, 7 squares). Diagonal 49-35 (green, 4 squares).


IV. Areas and Key Diagonals

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The Main Line
The longest and most crucial diagonal of the checkerboard is known as the main line (red). It connects the dark corners 46 and 5. It is the only diagonal with a length of 10 squares. These characteristics make the main line a highly significant area of checkers gameplay.
The Double Line

Turning by 90 degrees, we find two diagonals of length 9 squares each (50-6 and 45-1), as well as the shortest ones, which are only 2 squares long (50-45 and 6-1). These are the diagonals of the ‘double,’ and the area they form (50-45-1-6) is called the ‘double’ (green).

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The Triple Line

Another 90-degree rotation reveals the long 8-square diagonals 47-15 and 36-4, as well as the 3-square diagonals 47-36 and 15-4 of the ‘triple’ (yellow). The area enclosed between them (47-36-4-15) is known as the ‘triple’.

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The Quadruple Line

The Quadruple (red) is the area of the checkerboard enclosed by squares 49, 35, 2, and 16. The diagonals 49-16 and 35-2 are each 7 squares in length, while the diagonals 49-35 and 16-2 are 4 squares in length.

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The Perimeter

The final and largest area of the checkerboard is known as the ‘perimeter’ (green). It is bounded by the 6-square diagonals 48-25 and 26-3, as well as the 5-square diagonals 48-26 and 25-3.

V. The Center

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The area located between squares 38, 27, 13, and 27 is called the center of the checkerboard. Central squares are incredibly important, especially in 10×10 checkers. As you improve your game, you will increasingly focus on the center. Therefore, it’s worth getting to know and remembering this area of the checkerboard from the very beginning of your learning.

VI. Checkerboard Wings

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From the player’s perspective, the checkerboard has a left and right side. These sides are referred to as the checkerboard wings. The left side (yellow) is called the long wing, and the right side (green) is referred to as the short wing.

Short and long checkerboard wings: How to remember them?

It’s easy to notice that one player’s long wing will be the other player’s short wing, sitting on the opposite side of the checkerboard. Similarly, on the flip side, where one player’s short wing will be the opponent’s long wing.

Enhance Your Skills

If you aspire to delve into the intricacies of 10×10 checkers and refine your skills, there are numerous opportunities available. You can play with friends or join a local checkers club, where you’ll meet fellow enthusiasts of this fantastic game. Additionally, there are plenty of educational materials, guides, and online resources that can help you expand your knowledge of checkers and improve your strategy.

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Internarional Checkers – a Game That Ignites Passion

Boldly step onto the checkerboard and explore the countless possibilities that 10×10 checkers offers. Take on challenges, develop your strategic skills, and savor unforgettable moments. Let the checkerboard become your field of exploration, and checkers your passion for years to come.