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About Us

At checkers.TV, our passion for checkers knows no bounds. We've created this platform out of sheer love for the game, aiming to provide checkers enthusiasts from around the world with a place to connect, learn, and compete. Whether you're a seasoned player or just starting your checkers journey, you'll find a warm community, expert insights, and exciting challenges here at checkers.TV. Join us and share in the thrill of this timeless and strategic game!

About Damian

At the age of 18, Damian became the youngest-ever Polish checkers champion in history, a title he went on to claim three more times. For over 25 years, he has been an active player and for over a decade, a dedicated coach of this beautiful sport. He currently serves as the President of the Polish Draughts (Checkers) Federation. Through his channels, he unveils the wonderful world of checkers from a perspective not widely explored.

About Glib

Glib is a passionate enthusiast of checkers! He has supported and continues to support the entire checkers community – creators, clubs, and federations. Glib sees life as a metaphor for a checkers combination – to achieve something, one must first invest something of oneself. In addition, Glib is a board member of the European Draughts (Checkers) Confederation.






How to play and win at checkers

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