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Develop Mental Abilities

Play Checkers!

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Thanks to playing checkers, since childhood, I have developed my:




logical reasoning,


Starting from a young age in checkers tournaments, I:

met many friends,

gained confidence,

learned to deal with defeats,

learned how to cope with stress,

learned how to cope with time pressure.

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What Do Checkers Tournaments Look Like?

Since I started representing my country on the international stage as an 11-year-old, I:

have visited over 20 countries,

learned languages,

experienced different cultures,

made friends all over the world,

stood out from others,

got accepted to every school and job I applied for.

Based on my experience – it’s definitely worth playing checkers. And you can utilize my many years of experience as a player and coach in this course. Studies show that solving crossword puzzles reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s disease by 40%. And playing checkers? 80-year-old players can recall their entire games from memory and analyze multi-move variants without moving the pieces on the board. Checkers, as a mind sport, can be played throughout your entire life – from the youngest to the older age. Checkers offers a diverse and comprehensive workout for your brain, which will help you develop and maintain its fitness.

Is Checkers Simple And Solved?

Simple Checkers – What Will You Learn?

Section 1 – About Checkers:

You will learn why it is worth playing checkers, what benefits playing checkers offers. You will discover different variations of the game and understand why being good at one variant means you’ll be good at another.

Section 2 – Rules of Checkers:

I will show you the only correct, official tournament rules for playing American checkers. You will find out about myths concerning the rules, as well as how to act in non-standard situations.

Section 3 – Checkers Tactics:

I will teach you the most effective checkers tactics. With them, you’ll learn to quickly win your games. You’ll also understand why you shouldn’t be afraid to sacrifice your pieces.

Section 4 – Checkers Strategy:

You will get to know the long-term plans for placing pieces on the board. You will learn to assess the position and make the right decisions. The tips provided will help you find the best possible move to make.

Section 5 – Game Phases:

I will explain to you the phases of a checkers game. In each phase, I will teach you the most important things you need to pay attention to, so that you feel confident at every moment of the game.

Section 6 – What Is Next?:

In a brief summary of this course, I will tell you what you can do to continue improving your level of play.

Who This Course Is For?

  • Everyone who wants to develop their memory, imagination, concentration, as well as logical thinking and decision-making skills.
  • Children who can achieve intellectual growth through playing checkers, experiencing improvements in mental faculties.
  • Parents who want to pull their children away from computer and smartphone screens and provide them with an interesting, developmental form of entertainment such as checkers.
  • Everyone who wants to learn to play checkers well and win most of their games against random opponents.
  • Everyone looking for an interesting and engaging hobby in their life that will allow them to rediscover themselves anew.

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